Terms of Agreement

This agreement between WILSON STORAGE “Lessor” and the above name(s) “Tenant” is to outline the responsibility of both parties for their mutual acknowledgement and benefit.

  1. TERM: The term of this agreement shall commence as of the date the tenant signature and shall continue thereafter on a month to month period until terminated in accordance with this agreement.
  2. USE OF UNIT AND COMPLIANCE WITH LAW: Tenant shall store only personal property the tenant owns and will not store property that is claimed by another or in which another has any right, title or interest. Tenant shall NOT store any improperly packaged food, seed or perishable good, flammable materials, explosives or other inherently dangerous materials nor perform any activity unrelated to storing, shipping or receiving in the unit. Appliances, vehicles or equipment that is prone to leak should not be stored. Tenant shall NOT store any personal property in the unit which would result in a violation of any law or regulation of any governmental authority. No mechanical repairs or maintenance shall be done by the tenant on the property unit. NO GARBAGE is to be left by the tenant in or around the property at anytime. Tenant is responsible for any damage caused by the stored items.
  3. ACCESS: Access to this rental unit is permitted at all time. Access during winter months may be slippery and restricted at times due to snow or ice. Laneways are plowed during regular hours only. Tenant must anticipate the need to shovel in front of their own unit where snowplows can’t reach.
  4. INSURANCE: All property is stored by tenant at tenants’ own risk. Insurance for both personal property and liability is the tenant’s sole responsibility. Tenant must obtain insurance, covering damage by fire, extended coverage perils, vandalism, burglary and all other risks of any nature for the full value of the tenant’s property. By entering into this agreement with the Lessor and is waiving all future rights to claim damages against the lessor for any uninsurable peril regardless of the tenant’s insurance status.
  5. RIGHT TO ENTER UNIT: Tenant shall grant Lessor, or government authority access to the unit upon 24 hours notice to the tenant. In the event tenant shall not grant access to the unit as required, or in the event of an emergency or upon default of any of the tenant obligation under the agreement, the lessor or government authority have the right but not obligated, to remove the tenants locks and enter the unit for the purposes of examining the unit or contents thereof for the purpose of making repairs or alterations to the unit and taking such or action as maybe necessary or appropriate to preserve the unit or to comply with the applicable law including any applicable local, provincial or federal or regulation governing hazardous or toxic substance, material or waste, or to enforce any of lessors rights.
  6. LOCK: Tenant shall provide, at tenants own expanse, a lock for the unit which tenants sole discretion deems sufficient to secure the unit.
  7. PARKING: there shall only be parking while loading and unloading personal property at Wilson Storage.
  8. DEFAULT: The following events shall be deemed to be events of default by tenant under this agreement
    1. Tenant shall fail to pay any installment of the rent due under this Rental Agreement
    2. Tenant shall fail to comply with any term, provision or covenant of this Rental Agreement, other than the payment of rent, and shall not cure such failure within ten (10) days after written notice thereof tenant; or
    3. Tenant shall abandon the unit
  • Failure to provide us with current mailing address and email will result in being unaware of loss of contents. In the event of a change in mailing address, the tenant must give Lessor notice of such changes within five (5) days.
  • Removal of manager’s padlocks is permitted by Wilson Storage personal ONLY after payment has cleared.
  • Unauthorized removal of our locks constitutes “break and enter” and will be reported to government authorities. Additional charges will apply for replacement of managers padlocks and damage.
    1. Unit will be double locked and access denied is account is not paid when due. Late fee will be charged.
    2. Fifteen (15) days past due – Reminder notice will be sent to current address/email on file.
    3. Thirty (30) days past due – Registered letter of FINAL NOTICE sent to current address/email on file.
    4. Sixty One (61) days past due – Contents shall be considered abandoned and will be sold without further notice.
    1. Rent must be received by the 1st of each month to avoid late fee. Tenant is responsible to ensure that payment is made on time.
    2. Your rental payment will be automatically processed on your Visa/Mastercard/Debit, if usual alternative payment has not been received by the 1st of each month.
    3. Rent is payable by cash, cheque, e-transfer, debit, credit. We can hold post-dated cheques for upcoming rent to help avoid late fees. We do NOT send out monthly invoices.
    4. A $25.00 late fee per unit will be charged for payments received after the 1st and any credit card transaction attempts that are unsuccessful. A $20.00 fee will be charged for cheques returned by bank PLUS the late fee.
    5. First part month only is pro-rated. No rebate is issues on unused portion of last month.
    6. Owner maintains right to change rates to monthly fees as necessary.
    7. Down payment: 1st (pro-rated amount if not a full month) and last month payment is due on or before access to unit is approved.
  2. TERMINATION: Either party may terminate this Rental Agreement at the expiration of any term by giving notice to the other party not less that seven (7) days before expiration and such termination shall be effective as of the last day of the rental month. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no monthly rent shall be pro rated if the termination occurs prior to the end of the month. Vacated units must be swept out and ALL contents and garbage removed by user.